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A man not too long ago had a bunch of pigeons.  He had them on a roof  in New York City.  He loved to fly his pigeons.  Chasing them up into the sky then sitting back watching them as they raised higher and higher was his greatest joy.  The morning sun sitting low in the sky danced off his flock giving the appearance of a rainbow in motion.  He chased his pigeons not only to see this beautiful sight but also to exercise them.  He would watch his flock very carefully hoping a stray pigeon would join up with them.   

One morning while exercising his flock of pigeons,one of them dove out of the bunch and landed on a flagpole.  The man was in shock, none of his pigeons ever did that.  He was very proud that his pigeons would fly for hours and only come down when he called them with his plastic whistle.  At first he thought the pigeon must be hurt or sick.  Then as he watched as the pigeon spread his wings like an eagle as proud as can be.  To make matters worse, he then flew off the flagpole slapping his wings together making a sound like someone clapping their hands, which is a sign that he is feeling good.  Well, the man was happy to see the pigeon was not sick or hurt and had gotten back into the flock.  When the pigeon again dove out of the flock and landed on the flagpole, the man took his plastic whistle and blew into it calling his pigeons down.  All came down in a flash, all but the pigeon now called Flagpole.  Flagpole sat on top of the round brass ball just as proud as could be. The man blew on his whistle again but Flagpole would have no part of it, he just turned his head away and sat there.  The pigeons in the coop were very hungry and came out of the loft looking for food.  When the man picked up the coffee can with the food in it Flagpole came down and went in with the other pigeons.

After he fed the pigeons the man went over to Flagpole and looked at him. Flagpole was a very beautiful pigeon, with black shinny feathers, pearl white eyes, bright pink beak, and ten white flight feathers on each wing.  The man said "Just because you are so beautiful, don't think I am going to let you get away with that again."  Flagpole just looked back and then went and sat on his perch next to his mate.  

The next morning when the man let the pigeons out, before he could even chase them up, Flagpole had slapped off and went and sat on the flagpole.  The man was very angry, while all the other pigeons flew Flagpole just stood on the brass ball with his chest out and wings raised.  The man got so angry when Flagpole finally did come back, he grabbed him and put him in a paper bag.  He took Flagpole to the pigeon exchange and sold him.  He turned back and took one last look at Flagpole and said "I warned you! And that is the end of that."  Flagpole just looked very sad and turned away.  Well, domestic flights are not really pigeons with very much homing instinct so the man thought he had seen the last of Flagpole. He would never sit on the flagpole again. 

Two weeks had passed  when the man went up on the roof to let his pigeons out. He looked over at the flagpole and guess who was standing on the brass ball?  Yes!  That's right!  It was Flagpole!!  Standing there with his chest out and his wings raised as if he were the king of the world.  Slapping off and landing, anyone could tell how happy he was to be home.  When the man blew his whistle all of the pigeons came down except Flagpole who remained right where he was. Only when the man grabbed the feed can did Flagpole come down.  Once in the loft Flagpole went into his nest box, he was so happy to be with his mate, he started cooing and dancing.  He was just full of joy.  The man looked in at Flagpole and said,  "I hope you learned your lesson."  Flagpole just looked and again started to coo.  The next morning when the man let the pigeons out Flagpole was right back on top of the flagpole.  The man again got angry and sold Flagpole again, only to have Flagpole return again.  The man sold Flagpole fourteen times!  Each time Flagpole returned. The last time Flagpole came home, the man went over to him and said,  "I give up, you are much smarter then I am."  Flagpole the pigeon was very happy and lived a long full life, cooing and flying and of course standing on the flagpole with his chest out and his wings raised high.