I think anyone interested in racing pigeons can. It is both a hobby and a sport and for some a business.The king of England (George the V) at one time had a loft and maintained racing pigeons. So did Roy Rogers. While most pigeon keepers are not as well known, they are tough competitors. Some of the best pigeon racers are the small loft fliers who come from all walks of life. In fact the Kings Cup race was won by a pigeon racer who only shipped two birds to this most coveted race.  The year before the same flier took second place.

As far as being a new flyer to the sport, I have been beaten by many a first year pigeon racer. If your willing to care for the pigeons by cleaning the loft, giving fresh clean water and good sound grain along with a good grit mixture I am sure you will be able to raise some good youngsters.There is much more to pigeon racing then just feeding and watering pigeons, but in time you can learn how to be a good pigeon racer. 

One way to race pigeons would be to raise or purchase young pigeons and enter them into some kind of futurity or one loft race. In this manner one could compete with his pigeons and not have the hassle of taking the time to prepare the pigeons for racing.     


A futurity race is an event that is sponsored by pigeon clubs or loft managers for the purpose of bringing together top racing pigeons from all over the world to compete against each other.  One of the largest of these races is in South Africa and is called the Million Dollar Race. It is a one loft race, meaning all of the pigeons entered return to the same loft. A new Futurity Race in the United States is the Lou McElroy Futurity. I t looks very promising and the first race will be flown on Nov.5,2000. In this race the pigeons are placed into different lofts and have different handlers.  Futurity races are the Kentucky Derby's of  pigeon racing. 

The nice part of futurity racing is that anyone can enter pigeons. You don't have to know very much about caring for the birds because the loft managers are pigeon racers and have experience handling birds. The really good part is they only get paid a percentage if the pigeon entered does well so they work very hard preparing the pigeons to race. 
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