M. Georges Fabry
In his book "PIGEON RACING"  Jan Aerts talks about Fabry pigeons. He points out that the Fabry pigeons had won just about evrything.
He goes on to talk about where Fabry got his pigeons and how he managed to remain at the top of his game for 40 years.
They started with Hansenne pigeons and pigeons from Van de Oudenburg.
As time went by Fabry did what most Good pigeon men do  they introduced winning pigeons. From ......
Baccene-Henin, Havenith-De Feyter, Paul Sion, Bricuox and Duray, Van Bruaen (Lauwe), Jos. Van den Bosch (Berlaar) and De Scheemaker Bros. From De Somer (turnout)  They got very good pigeons from Husken Van Riel and later introduced Pepermans.
according to Jan Aerts the most successful Fabry pigeons came from cross-breeds that were later mated back to distant relations.   
Personal Remarks.
New flyers ............. This would be my advise to you.

As you read about the of the great champions of the past you will find many of them had deep pockets. Wegge himself would not hesitate to purchase a proven pigeon to add to his flock. Just as Fabry did.
 Many of us could not afford to purchase a proven champion or for that matter children of a great racer.  I have found grand children even great grandchildren can prove to be champion birds.  Just be sure you get pigeons that can handle the distance. My Hansennes cost me $25 each when I purchased them they have produced champion birds at the club, combine and concourse level.