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Was surfing the net for material on pigeon racing and happened on your site. I'm not a pigeon fancier myself, but found your pages very useful. I'm sure many others have thought the same. The stuff about your dog, garden and so on gives the site a real friendly feel. Very nice to see a man so passionate about what is obviously a fascinating hobby. Keep doing your thing and best wishes for the future.

Will Evans.
Letter from Jake.

Hi! , my name is Jake , I've bought sions from Danny many times and I'll tell you that it's worth every penny , their exellent flyers it doesnt matter if it's short or long distance  my house is near SF and I've trained those sions Reno , South Lake Tahoe , San Diego , LA , Las Vegas and even pass Las Vegas ...I don't care what other people say about sions and I can prove them wrong because those sions are winning races for me , people on our club use to make fun of me because I use sions but after a while nobody bothers me anymore because I prove them wrong , I've train my sions up to 800 miles and they keep coming back and I train my sions hard ,  heavy rain , strong wind or hot weather even when it's snowing in reno....THEY HOME AND THEY WIN THANKS FOR SELLING AWESOME PIGEONS DANNY.