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When your pigeons are sitting around looking pale and and they sit with ruffled feathers. It could be almost anything because almost all sick pigeons sit with there heads tucked in and there feathers ruffled.

One of the first things I look for should a few of my pigeons appear under the weather is  Roost Mites.  They are very tiny and do there damage in the dark. They multiply very fast and can put your pigeons out of form very fast.
Roost mites are gray when hungry but red after feeding they are very frail when full of blood. Many chicken farmers often notice the red spots on eggs because the chicken sitting on  the eggs crushed the mites.
Red mites or roost mite have been know to spread many diseases.
Treatment I leave to you because over time newer and better products are always  coming on the market.

Another Mite that affects your pigeons is called 
Air Sac Mites
He lives his life in the respiratory system.
I often wondered how many fanciers treated pigeons with an antibiotic for a respiratory problem never knowing the pigeons were infested with air sac mites?
one way of knowing if your pigeons have air sac mites is a fasces exam
Scaly Leg Mite, Flesh Mite and Barb Mite
Are more abundant then most fanciers think.

Harvest Mite
We all have heard of Chiggers.  well if you have ever been bitten by one you know the pain and itching they cause. Allowing your pigeons to field just may get one or two bitten.

Mites no matter what type can open the window for many other problems. Your knowing about them and taking care of the problem should it arise will put more then a few yards on your pigeons come race day.