Paul Sion
M. Paul Sion
A champion racer and an outstanding breeder.

Sion purchased a champion Mealy cock from M. Gris Dugniol. The pigeon had won at the distance for ten successive years. The pigeon was from the M Kikkens strain. (Wegge or Cassier)

This Mealy cock was Mated to a Mealy hen of the RED VEKEMAM blood (wegge) and produced a blue hen with black eyes. This hen proved to be a champion in all the races. 
The blue hen was later mated to cock of Pynen blood and Delathouwer. It was from this mating "Rouge Sion" was produced .

Rouge Sion went on to be a great racer And also bred many winers.

I got this information from a book "THE SPORT OF PIGEON RACING" Writen by
Dr. William Anderson.

I found it interesting of that so many of the well know breeds we race today have Sion pigeons in there backround. With the most of them going back Wegge or Ulens.
Personal Remarks.
New flyers...... . This would be my advise to you.

As you read about the of the great champions of the past you will find many of them had deep pockets. Wegge himself would not hesitate to purchase a proven pigeon to add to his flock. Just as Fabry did.
 Many of us could not afford to purchase a proven champion or for that matter children of a great racer.  I have found grand children even great grandchildren can prove to be champion birds.  Just be sure you get pigeons that can handle the distance. My Hansennes cost me $25 each when I purchased them they have produced champion birds at the club, combine and concourse level.
Remember it is not how much you spend but what you purchase that matters.