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According to Whitney (DVM) this disease is more of concern to pigeon keepers that any other poultry that is maintained by man. It is a disease of cats, dogs, pigs, wild birds, considered as a natural infection.

In one study of 80 pigeons trapped on the roof of he Washington Capitol building 10 were found to have had toxoplasmosis. 

One mode of transmission is Click here

Symptoms are like many other diseases pigeon contract are loss of weight, shortness of breath, and if mucous membranes appear pale or faded. 

   Treatment is often only recommended for people with serious health problems or with HIV with CD4 count under 200, because the disease is most serious when one's immune system is weak.  

Treatment in pigeons with any for the sulfas or antibiotics.
Aureomycin,  terramycin, sulphamethazine  or sulphathiazole.