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Training Pigeons
When is it safe to take them away and how far?

I like to have my pigeons loft flying 35 minutes to an hour before I conceder training them. We have to remember pigeons are frightened and nevus when we place them into the training basket for the first time.  It would be wise to get them accustom to the basket first. Letting them sit in for an hour or so will help calm them down. 
 I like to let my pigeons go in the yard the first time I let them out of the basket. Once I have done this a few times they are ready to be taken away.
I only go about a mile. It's not the distance at this point that matters it is still a matter of having the birds getting accustom to the routine and the basket. I keep them at a mile for three days then I will go two miles again for three days and I do the same at three miles.
At this point the pigeons have been in the basket about 10 times and should have an under standing of what is expected. The next three tosses are at five miles. Then three at ten miles, then fifteen miles again three times. 
The pigeons are now ready go 30 miles I myself like to toss the pigeons at 30 miles as often as I can. I have even raced my birds from 200 miles never having trained them past 30 miles Understand they would have 15 to 20 tosses at 30 miles before I did this. The point I am trying to make is it's not far you have taken them but more a matter how often.