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White Dove Release Business


If you want to make people happy and leave them with memories that last a lifetime and you don't mind making hundreds of dollars for your time. Going into the white dove release business could be for you.

The downside of the white dove release business.

1. You will have to maintain your Doves (pigeons). Like any pet they have to be looked after.
Yes, that means cleaning the pigeon poop too.

Click here to learn the basics.

2. You will have to work weekends because a big part of your business will be wedding releases.

3. Predators will want to eat your pigeons and can be a problem.
You will need a good pigeon house to keep them safe and out of site.

4. Pigeons do not cost much to maintain.
They eat about an ounce of feed a day on cooler days they may eat two ounces.

5. You will need medications from time to time.

Go here ask for Catalog
Inside this catalog they also have a great health program.

What you don't want to do is pay for white dove release business information.

If you need help or advise about keeping pigeons
Go here and ask or find a local pigeon racer you will get more information then I have time to write on this web page.

What you need to know about the white dove release business.

OK, If you have looked at the links you should have a pretty good idea that pigeons
are not to difficult to keep.

More Questions.

1. How much should I charge?

You want to be paid for you time.
Ask yourself what is a Saturday worth of work worth?
If you bring 12 pigeons for release and you have trained them and maintained them for your release business you should get at least $200, some charge $300.

2. What is the best time to release the pigeons?
For me that is when the Bridal Party is taking pictures in front of the church, But ask the  bride what she wants and let your imagination fly as long as it won't hurt the pigeons.

3. What is the best way to advertise.
The Web it is free.

White Doves in America
The bridal magazines cost to much and don't get you a return for your money.
Put flyers in flower shops and hang them on local bulletin boards. Any place that is free. Your after your local area try to keep it close to home. Make it easy on you and the birds.  

Find a releaser and white doves for sale
White Doves in America