Hi Danny,
birds arrived.  P.O. called at 6:30 this morning and I had them in their loft by 7:00.  They all are doing just fine.  And they look just terrific!

Hello Danny

I received my birds at noon today and wanted to say thank you for the 
extra one you added. They are lovely and are doing great in their new 
loft. I wanted to point out to others, in case you add this message to 
your comments section, how great you were with communication. You 
answered all of my questions very fast and I appreciated the phone 
call once the birds were in the mail. Having the tracking number was 
helpful and this was something not everyone would go out of their way 
to provide. I am so glad I found your website! Thank-you Thank-you 
Thank-you! =)

Thanks again for your services

Hello Danny,

  I'm Leon's  wife, our birds are doing good thanks to you helping
His cousin wanted some bird, and this is the 2nd person that sees how well
Leon's birds are doing and wants to do the same thing.  So in short all the birds
are doing very good, its just that Leon and Dale (the first cousin) did not want to
give any of there birds to Teddy so he had me order him some.  (He's so happy to be
getting the birds)

I can't thank you enough for helping Leon like you have.

Hello Danny
You told me when I purchased the pigeons if I did 1 wedding I would get my money back for the birds.  You were correct. I have done very well. Thanks again for taking time to call me and replying to all my e-mails.

Hello Danny
I am so pleased with your birds,  They often beat my race birds home on training tosses.
I am kind of upset because I paid a lot of money for my racing pigeons and your whites cost me a lot less.

Thanks again they are much more then just homing pigeons

I picked the Pigeons up this morning from the post office. They are doing great. Thanks very much!!!

I got the Pigeons at 7:15AM today that is less than 24 hrs coast to coast wow. The birds are in great shape it was a pleasure doing business with you. I am one happy customer.   Thanks again  Louie
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white pigeons not white doves

Birds arrive yesterday at 1:30.  Very healthy and beautiful.
Thank You very much.  I hope to make another order towards the end of August if they are still available. 

Thanks again.

Danny ~

Hi... I just wanted to let you know that I got the doves Wednesday evening.  They seem to have weathered their trip pretty well.   They are beautiful birds, especially when they flap their wings, although I don't think they can fly yet?  The smaller of the two seems to be a little more tame and inquisitive.  They are just starting to get familiar with their new surroundings and seem to be doing fine in their new home.  Thank you so much!


Hi danny, I picked up birds this morning they are home and getting settled in. They are beautiful birds , I'm really looking forward to working with them.Thank you so much for the birds and the information you provided. Both are priceless.
Thanks again,Donna

Hi Danny,

You ROCK!!!
The birds arrived yesterday afternoon, they are beauties!
I'd like to know a little about their family history, such as relation to eachother, foundation breeds you've used in their family tree, etc.  You've been doing this for a while, and I  would certianly appreciate any info/advice you'd be willing to share.

Thanks SOOOO Much!

The Dora post office called me this morning at 6:15 and I picked the birds up at 6:40.
As expected, they are beautiful and my wife is really happy to have them. They were part of her Christmas presents, even though I will be the primary one caring for them on a day to day basis.
I have read your web site and have 5 books here next to my recliner that I read every night.
I also ordered the Multi-Mix you recommended from Global.
After I get through with the books, you may get emails later with questions.
Thanks again,
Hello Gailon
Don't forget to look into the Global's catalog they have an excellent health program in it.
Call anytime or send a e-mail
I am happy you like the birds



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