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It was about 3 days later that Lucky wandered off. I drove around looking for him but had no luck finding him.
As I sat in the house it seemed empty without my new found friend.
So on New Years Eve I drove to the pound.
He was there all right. On death row so to speak, he had tested positive for Heartworms.
I took him anyway. I did have to wait a week while they did paper work and removed his manhood.
Once home and on a good diet Lucky started to gain weight.
The Heartworms were a very mild case, so it was not necessary to get him the shots and keep him still. It was just a matter of putting him on Sentinel and they would just get old and die.
Today (about five years later) I am pretty easy to find, just look for Lucky and I should be not more the 10 feet away.
Much more to life then just pigeons!!!!!!!

Lucky today