Pigeons are pets. That's right!! A pigeon is a great pet. No different than a parrot, canary, or parakeet. It can be trained to eat out of your hand, sit on a perch or taken outside to fly.  As a child I had a pet pigeon I could call from a city block away and she would land on my hand.  What dog or cat can you take to school for show and tell then let  it fly out the window.  My pet also is an athlete with the stamina to race for over 500 miles.  Better then a fish confined to a tank my pet is free to roam the sky.  When trained he will return quicker then any dog would run to his masters call.  My pet has a show standard  and can be entered into competing against other pigeons and with luck win a ribbon or best of show. 
My pet is easy to care for. He needs to be in his box with newspaper below his wire floor that can removed and replaced in a flash.  He doesn't eat much, about one ounce of grain a day.  I provide him with fresh clean water every day and give him some grit once or twice a week.   My pet is not like a hamster who try's to escape from his cage and hide. My pet loves his cage and always try's to return.

My father was a very wise man he went out of his way to get me interested in pigeons. He not only provided me with pigeons, he tried endlessly to keep me interested in the sport by taking me to events and joining pigeon clubs to race and show the birds. While both my parents worked, they knew I would rather be with my pigeons then off someplace getting into trouble. They listened to my pigeon stories and the events that took place in my pigeon loft.

Each weekend the excitement would mount as the pigeons were returning from a race. The joy of seeing you favorite pigeon returning home and sharing it with your family is more then any words could express. The feeling of your first win, and the challenge to do it again is wonderful!  Friendships you make last a life time.  Also provided by my pet was the challenge to study to improve my skills as a pigeon breeder and racer.   

I hope reading this provides you with some kind of insight into what pigeons are really about. In today's busy times, my pets provide me a calm, pleasant interlude from the hectic pace.