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Pigeon Racing and Winning

Racing pigeons can be a hobby but today it's much more then that with some racing pigeons being purchased for thousands of dollars it has become a business. Most of these high dollar racing pigeons are used for breeding. There offspring entered into futurity races with prizes paying as much as a million dollars.

As for myself I like to think of it as a hobby. I enjoy feeding my pigeons as well as racing them.
I have won many times and never paid more then $50 dollars for a racing pigeon.  What I look for when purchasing a pigeon for breeding stock is great grandchildren down form a very good pigeon.      
The Loft (pigeons home)
Pigeons will be happy in most any building but there are a few things that are a must if you want your pigeons to race well.
It must be clean and dry!!
It always a good idea to allow stale air to escape and have fresh air enter.
Here are two lofts you may want to look.
Racing Pigeon Loft

Keeping your racing pigeons healthy.
If your going to race pigeons you going to have to keep them healthy it is not often that a sick pigeon can win a race. Try looking at this page so you can get an understanding of some of things you can do to get your pigeons into racing condition.
www.Healthy pigeons  
Common sense
By approaching my hobby using common sense I won many races and filled a wall with plaques.
You can do the same if you find good pigeons for sale at a good price and do the things that keep them healthy.