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White Doves, Money and You
Forty years ago there were only a few white bird releasers in the United States today you can find them almost everywhere.
there is one reason for this and only one reasion MONEY.

Who is making the money?

Funeral Dircetors
Funeral directors are getting into the business because if they don't they find they lost revinue and clinents as well.
It is amazing how a few white doves flying off into the horizon will not only lift the sprits of there clients but the bottom line as well.

Pigeon Keepers
Many of these hobbyist have maintained a few white pigeons would do a wedding release for a friend they soon found they had a easy way to make some pocket cash.

Limo Drivers
Limo drivers have found by keeping a small flock of white doves they can generate more work and at a very low cost.

Horse and Carriage Drivers
Horse and carriage can easyily in crease there income. what better way to say I love you then a white dove release.

Who better then you to maintain some white homing pigeons.
Brides coming to you for your wedding flowers. people stop by to pickup flowers for the departed at crematories. 
This puts florist in frount of the pack when it comes to relesing white doves.

Find white Doves for sale and links to good information for keeping white homing pigeons.